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For us, new work is a change in the perspective of our work today. We strive for a coexistence between work and private life that feels fulfilling and worth living in every moment.
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Our Transformation Portfolio

NewWork workshops for companies
Dates and coaching on request - starting in 2021 new 'remote culture workshops' more_vert



In order to lead your company successfully into the future, a cultural change in the direction of “New Work” is a promising path.
We offer a number of workshops that are tailored to your specific requirements.

NewWork Workshops for you as a private person
Dates and coaching on request - starting in 2021 new 'remote culture workshops' more_vert



You have never relaxed and learned like this at the same time.

A seminar awaits you at the idyllic Familotel Ebbinghof that will help you to live your family life with children (0-10 years) more easily and more comfortably.

Family Transformation
We accompany you to your family dreams more_vert



Dare to go from 'inside to outside'.
We will share our way with you, accompany you if you like to your family dreams and show you possible ways in which relaxation can reach you and your family.

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Our Mindset & Philosophy

Living and working with children

Working from home with children is a completely different situation than working alone at home or in the office with adult colleagues. The most important thing is your own inner attitude: CHILDREN BEFORE WORK. That means both are important, but the children are more important.

Our definition of NewWork

For us, New Work stands for a corporate culture that offers its employees an environment in which they are motivated to give their best performance based on their skills and independently.

This is Us - Miriam & Markus Schmidberger

We share our path and ours openly and honestly Transformation processes from children to adults to parents and authentic People with new ways of working.

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Miriam & Markus Schmidberger

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